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Baby Sprinkle Cookies

baby sprinkle (noun): A smaller version of a baby shower given to someone who is expecting their 2nd child, especially if it is of the opposite sex.

I think Baby Sprinkles are such a fun way to celebrate such a special occassion in a mother's life. Whether it's the second or the fourth child, it's still a memorable occassion. Now that many of my friends are becoming mothers for the second time, I have seen this trend become increasingly more popular. Who doesn't love an excuse to throw a party?

My sister asked me to make cookies for a Sprinkle she is helping to host this weekend. Think "Kate Spade meets Audrey Hepburn". Her mother took one last trip from Dallas to LA to visit a friend, and Baby Presley decide to make an early appearance in Beverly Hills, of all places! Mother didn't mind though, and was more than happy to welcome her first baby girl in such stellar fashion.

The colors for the sprinkle are black, pink and gold. After a quick Pinterest search for some inspiration, we decided on two designs. I thought it would be fun to share the process of a more time intensive cookie. These aren't hard, necessarily. But there is time involved for letting layers of icing dry, along with multiple stencil designs and details. I'm thrilled with the end result, and hope that new mom (for the second time) Karolyn enjoys her sweet baby girl cookies.

First, I applied white royal icing and let dry completely before adding the first stencil design.

Next, I filled in the circle of the plaque cutter, let dry, and then applied a quatrefoil stencil with gold spray.

After the stencil dried, I used thick pink royal icing and a letter stencil to add a "P".

Final details were then added, including a pearl necklace on the onesie and a pearl border on the plaque cookie.

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